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HathaYoga with Yoga Nidra

Monday and Thursday evenings at 6pm join us for $15 drop in or $88/month for hatha yoga and yoga nidra for better sleep.

Hatha Yoga, Somatic Movement Therapy, Yoga Nidra (for sleep) an
d  Meditation sessions for groups or private individual sessions.



Empowering Hatha & Qigong
Great for Beginners, as well as the experienced yogi. We yoga with an integration of Qigong and breathwork…..really fun, and the practice builds strength in the body and mind. This practice can be as intense as you need, as you move through the Warrior Series and Sun Sals balancing and aligning the body and mind.

This practice strengthens and balances the mind and body. A great practice for beginners and all levels, as the bamboo may serve as a support and a assist in alignment. It is a little different from our other classes but will, as always, end with a very nice relaxation time..


Candlelight Gentle Flow Yoga is the perfect ending of the work week. We yoga together in a lovely gentle flow practice with some long holds in restorative poses, ending with a very nice relaxation practice – yoga nidra.

This is a great practice to gain more flexibility, balance and peace of mind.

All Levels – Beginners to Advanced – Everyone is Welcome


Somatic Movement Therapy helps to release emotions, fats and tension from the body and mind. Regain control over the muscles and the mind to help the healing process from emotional or physical situations. All levels of fitness are welcome and those recovering from cancer, surgery or even addiction are encouraged to join these classes.


Strengthening and Relaxing

Gain control over the muscles in the body and of the thoughts in the mind. Build strength, balance and flexibility then go into a deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra

Drop In $15 per class
Unlimited Monthly $88
Private Yoga Sessions $88/hour
Private Therapies $50 – $120


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