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Ayurvedic Psychotherapy / Hypnotherapy / Somatic Therapies

Holistic treatment for emotional and physical situations such as trauma, injury or illness, deep sadness, un-forgiveness, chaos, anxiety, fear, anger, addictions, and unhealthy habits – for Teens, Adults and Couples

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These positive techniques target specific issues, needs and desires, to get at the root causes of situations and offer solutions. Therefore, this is NOT therapy which drags on for years, but it helps clients to create the most nourishing choices and habits to use throughout their lives.

Client’s dedication, to this process, is progressively strengthened with each session, in person or remotely. The methods employed are over 5000 years old, yet are still successfully practiced throughout the East and now in the US. Through careful observation and examination of specific body/mind constitutions, the therapist helps each client tap into unique strengths and healing powers. Each client’s learns to develop and utilize these strengths to co-create the health and emotional well-being they desire by the use of the five senses and their own spiritual connections.

Upon entering into the office, there is a sense of peace and quiet, not experienced in a conventional therapist’s offices. The environment has been meticulously prepared to sooth the nervous system yet stimulate awareness. Guidance is available in how to prepare a sacred space in the home and/or office to serve as a place of reflection and mindful meditation. We do make house-calls if needed.

At the beginning of the first session there is a thorough intake interview to formulate the best action plan. Clients feel encouraged and comforted in a nonjudgmental environment where they are free to discuss any situations occurring within relationships, the body and the mind. Hypnotherapy and/or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be very useful for client’s success according to their needs, values, and goals.

It is in the hypnotic state, through hypnotherapy or deep meditation, that nurturing lasting change occurs.
Much of the sessions are spent building healthy relationships, because life is about relationship with ourselves, with others and with the higher “I am” or spirit we celebrate together.

The second part of the session is spent easing into calming the mind and relaxing the body as we dive deep in a positive direction.

The atmosphere is carefully prepared to sooth and stimulate the psyche according to the client’s needs with aromas, lighting, colors, sounds, and music.  The safe and comforting space is welcoming to lay down or sit upon.  Please feel welcome to a warm tea or water as well.

During the relaxation or hypnotherapy process an intention is introduced to the subconscious to help with positive actions as a solution to whatever the client is needing.

Talk therapy may fulfill the need of many clients to just have a safe place, with no judgment, to decompress and say the things they need heard.  Those who choose long term weekly visits, or bi weekly, find great comfort in knowing they can say whatever they need said in a space filled with acceptance and compassion from the therapist who has overcome many struggles and grown to love the self and others like crazy without cause.

During the planning phase, clients use the strengthened focus they have gained to move forward in the process of healing and energizing the mind and body.

The final portion of each session is spent preparing a brief plan, developed out of the set intention.  We work with you, not only to address issues of the past and present, but we help to develop a specific plan to keep you on track with what has been identified as most important to you.   Some of this plan is time management – spending time doing what is most important, not just urgent tasks. Urgent matters must be addressed, but when looked at closely – “urgent” may be overpowering “important” and throwing us off  our path to success and joy.  In the planning process we may find “urgent” may not be so urgent. For instance – spending time with a child or loved one may be very important, but you rush to check social media and emails urgently.  Or, you know in your heart your health is important but a television program is on right now, so there is no working out or going to the grocer to prepare a healthy meal.

Developing a long term plan and setting goals to achieve the life well-lived, begins with a clear vision.  We do not see so clearly  when our minds are not in a place we’d rather not be, so we find clarity first, then we form a clear view of how to get to where we want to be.  That is where this therapy helps the most, drawing out the map of how to get clients from where they are to where they want to be.  Happiness and Health, look differently once we have clarity, so let’s get clear and lets get on the Natural Path to the life fully-lived.  Namaste

12 Week Program

 (4 week program or individual sessions are available online or in person)

Short interview – 5 minutes – during our first phone call.  We email a form to be completed and email back to us. Your information is kept confidential and given back to you once your process is complete. Your first appointment to do a needs assessment and Dosha assessment- 90 minutes. Your first session will be set within one week of the assessment.  (If you are in crisis, please let us know immediately,)

12 Week Program  –  For 12 consecutive weeks we will meet for a 50 minute session.  If you must miss a session it may be made up during the same week or the following week.  It is imperative you keep scheduled weekly appointments, as the benefits of this process are accumulative.

Weekly Follow Ups – After the 12 weeks of sessions, if you choose, you may set up regular weekly visits. By setting up these scheduled sessions, your specific time is set aside just for you. We highly recommend this option IF you feel the need for regular sessions, even if you just need to comfortably express feelings confidentially.

Monthy Follow Ups – As with the weekly follow up session, you may set up regular monthly sessions.  We highly recommend coming in  once each month for a tune up and to tune in a little deeper to build on your practice.  As advancements are made, emotionally and physically, challenges may arises.  Life is funny that way – giving us steps to advance farther than we ever thought possible.

Follow up sessions assist you in developing strategies to effectively set new goals and achieve success as new challenges arise.

Other services offered at the Phoenix, Oregon  office – Craniolsacral Therapy, Reiki, Chakra Energy Healing, Somatic Movement Therapy, Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, Primordial Sound Meditation and Healing Stones and Beads.

/-VEDA Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Initial Intake & Therapy Session (90 minutes) $120
Full 12 Week /-VEDA Program (includes unlimited yoga during 12 Wks of therapy) $1200
Follow Up Therapy Sessions (50 minutes) $88
Craniosacral Therapy Session (50 minutes w’short discussion)

Drop In $15 per class
10 Class Pass $98 (expires 10 Weeks after purchase)
Unlimited Monthly $88
Private Yoga Sessions $88/hour

Rate will be listed within the announcements