From a woman’s preteen years until well into old age, the body changes and with those changes come challenges and joys.  As a girl she is forewarned of the impending monthly fluctuation of hormones and emotions which are released with each cycle.  Throughout the young woman’s childbearing years there may be a great deal of discomfort, bloating and mood swings.  Then, as a mature woman, she approaches menopause where again she faces challenges and joys of no longer suffering the menstrual cycle, but there is a trade off – emotionally and physically.  Once through menopause there seems to be that Light at the end of the tunnel, but she must make the shift emotionally to settle in to her new role.

Western Medicine does very little to transition women through these changes while Ayurveda, Medicine of India, gives women tools and a simplification of what each woman needs during these phases of life.  First, each woman’s Dosha (body/mind type) is tested and from those results specific instruction is given.  In Ayurveda there is no separation of the body from the mind, nor the mind from spirit.  All aspects of Woman are tended to and given the most nourishing choices according to her specific needs in Ayurveda for Women.

Experience this amazing journey with Ayurvedic Psychology Consultant & Practitioner, Tawni Maughan R.A.P.C. C.Ht ERYT CST.  You will be guided through some simple testing and then privately consulted.  Your “prescription” for balancing emotions, weight and health, lifestyle, ambitions and goals will be explained and practiced.  The herbs best suited for your type will be listed, as well as the most nourishing foods.  This nothing like some diet or weight loss plan you see in the West.  Ayurveda brings so much understanding of how our lifestyle choices may have negatively impacted our health and emotional well-being.  From that understanding women easily form calmer, more focused minds and healthier, stronger and more flexible balanced bodies which serve them well into the evening of their lives.

Long weekend Retreat begins Friday at 5pm.  Arrive between 5 & 6pm,  A beautiful Ayurvedic meal will be served after a short introduction to the program.  After dinner the simple testing will be done and a discussion.  The evening ends with a lovely Slow Flow Hatha Yoga practice and a relaxing Yoga Nidra (sleep) Practice.  Saturday morning we rise early to lemon water with honey, then an energizing Empowering & Healing Class (Tia Chi, Breathwork & Yoga).  A nice Ayurvedic Breakfast is followed by the one on one consultations, and lecture.  The large meal of the say is served – and an explanation of Ayurvedic Cooking will be given.  After lunch we head out for a Walk n Talk.  Around 3pm we will have a rest time where you may lay down and study, or if the body needs – take a nap.  Additional private consultations or Craniosacral therapy may be pre-booked for this time with Tawni.  At 6pm a very nice dinner is served, followed by lecture and another sweet restorative yoga practice.  Sunday morning we rise in Silence.  No words are to be spoken until after breakfast.  This restriction can be such a wonderful experience in listening.  Tawni will talk you through the morning yoga practice but those will be the only words until after breakfast is finished.  Then the last lecture and discussion together.  A short quiz will be given to test your understanding of the knowledge you have found of yourself and what you need to help fulfill your dharma in the most nourishing ways.  No worries, it is not a graded quiz, it will just give Tawni some feedback on where you may need a little assistance after this time together ends.

Tawni will provide support afterwards to help you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself and to help you better understand your Ayurvedic needs.  These weekends together seem to create lasting friendships and strong support systems for women who may not have ever met.  Women find comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their struggles with depression, anxiety, pain, hormonal changes, relationship struggles and other life challenges.

Private Consultations and Guidance is offered in the Willow Park office as well.  If you need one on one time with Tawni, please email or call 817-304-2414 for an appointment.