In many Native American Shamanic Medicine practices, if a person came with great sadness, depression, stress or feelings of unfulfillment, they were asked – “when did you stop dancing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop enjoying the sweet territory of silence in nature?

We begin seated on the mat and ground into the root chakra to start warming the entire body. After the warmth is brought up to the Sacral Chakra we move into our standing postures and begin our DANCE. Pulling all that no longer serves us UP and OUT, then replace that with positive, healing energy. Our physical body and emotional body become balanced and strong, preparing us to face life with grace and stability.

We finish the practice with a beautiful Story – Guided Imagery – bringing bliss and joy into our minds and into the final stillness of our practice.

Class begin in January 2016 on Tuesday nights.

Bring your mat, and a small towel and water bottle if you like…..we will be heating it up as we dance in the room at just 80 degrees.