Have you ever been so engrossed with a movie or a book that you had no idea of the time that had passed or what was going on around you?  You were awake, but what was going on in your brain that caused you to not notice the passing time or the neighbor’s dog barking?

You were in a Hypnotic State and during that time information was being introduced into the brain which you now carry with you, even if you do not realize it.

Imagine what enters into the brain during these times…..

Are they positive images to refer back to?  Is what you are feeding your unconscious playing out in your day to day life in a negative manner?   These thoughts and memories program the brain from birth up until this very day.  All the bad news, the negativity in the world, and ill words of others (and the words we say to ourselves in silence) are written upon our heart but we can RE-write them when needed, in a Hypnotic State.

If you struggle with negative self-talk or making unhealthy choices for yourself, hypnotherapy may be the easiest choice for you to start making the most nourishing choices for yourself and for those who you are closest too.  Whether you want to stop something, or start something, Hypnotherapy and i-VEDA Talk Therapy (talk therapy in accordance to your body and mind type in Ayurvedic Medicine – Eastern Medicine) may be just what you need. YOU are the EXPERT on YOU, but with thoughts being introduced into the subconscious, the True You may have become misplaced, not lost.  We work together in mutual agreement and trust to bring in the most nourishing hypnotic suggestions which originate to help with fulfillment of YOUR Truest Purpose in Life.

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