Calendar Page lists the class times and a brief description

All of our classes are open to Beginners at this time, as we just opened our newest studio with our therapy office in Willow Park.  All of the classes can create health and feelings of well-being but some of the classes get more specific.  We offer classes that target back and hip pain and therapy for sciatica.  There is a class on Sunday for those Recovering from illness, injury or addiction.  This class is a Somatic Movement class which has proven to release tension, toxins, fat, and emotions. The Recovery class is great for everyone and a different experience for most.

We offer morning classes at 8:30am or 9am, at lunchtime on Mon & Fri we Meditate to relieve pain and stress and we stretch in our street clothes, and most evenings we offer classes at 6pm & 7:15pm.

We do not offer classes on Saturday as it is a day of rest for us and on Wednesdays we will only be having private yoga sessions or therapy sessions (Hypnotherapy, CranioSacral Therapy or Somatic Movement Therapy).  Book your appointment by email or call us at 817-304-2414.