Our level of Happiness is equal to the amount of gratitude we maintain regardless of situations.

Maintaining a consistent level of gratitude takes a great deal of body and mind awareness and discipline.  The needed discipline can be facilitated through meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda  Within these practices there is contained the tools needed for maintaining this treasured gratitude.

Some struggle in the beginning with meditation and for those highly stressed or very busy-minded clients, we offer hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy is not that hypnosis you may have seen on television.  It is a collaborative action between the therapist and the client to create a calm in the mind where healthy choices may be introduced and somewhat programmed into the client’s subconscious.  It is just a sweet process in helping clients to make the most nourishing choices for themselves.  And, now, these services are offered at our new office.

We recently opened our new location in Willow Park, TX to serve the community that may commute into DFW, or live and/or work in the area.  We have had locations in Weatherford, Norman, OK and Dallas, TX.  Now, simplifying life…..only the location in Willow Park exists and I, for one, am quite pleased to be Back Home.  I was raised in Wford and have maintained a home there for many years.  It is good to be home.

Much love and wellness to Your Whole Being


Tawni Maughan